BioSciences Seminar Series - Defining species in the genomic era


As part of the 2018 BioSciences Seminar Series, Professor Geoff Hill will present a Big Ideas in BioSciences Lecture, hosted by Professor Raoul Mulder.

In the mid-twentieth century, leading evolutionary biologists like Ernst Mayr and Theodosius Dobzhansky argued that species are real biological entities that can be objectively defined. Half a century later, however, we are still arguing about how to define a species and the debate is heating up, not lessening, as genomic data become available. Geoff will propose that an understanding of the nature of species is best achieved through an understanding of the nature of eukaryotic life.

This lecture will run for 30 minutes, followed by Q&A and tea, coffee and networking.


  • Professor Geoff Hill
    Professor Geoff Hill, Curator of Birds