Katriona Shea - Disturbance, diversity & invasion ecology


Katriona Shea - Disturbance, diversity & invasion ecology

Agar Theatre
BioSciences 4


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Disturbances are ubiquitous in nature, and may contribute to biological invasions. The need to address the impacts of environmental perturbations is increasingly urgent in the face of anthropogenic alterations to existing disturbance regimes. I will discuss how a framework involving six interacting aspects of disturbance regimes (frequency, intensity, duration, extent, timing and pace) can be used to study a wide range of issues related to basic and applied outbreak ecology. This framework can be used to improve empirical design and biological interpretation, which in turn leads to more efficient management. Ongoing research not only informs us about when disturbances are likely to exacerbate invasions, but also lets us assess how we can manipulate disturbances to achieve desired management outcomes. 

Katriona’s bio: http://kshealab.wordpress.com


  • Professor Katriona Shea
    Professor Katriona Shea, Pennsylvania State University