Impact of Giving

Philanthropy has succeeded in providing thousands of students with the opportunity of a Melbourne education. We have also made great strides in research, with over $230 million raised for ground-breaking work in a diverse range of areas. The impact of philanthropy has seen us become more engaged in the community, creating public value and helping advance society. Here are some recent examples of how our students and career researchers have benefited from the generosity of our donors in the School of BioSciences.

  • Anne Aulsebrook

    “It took away the uncertainty in my PhD, allowing me to answer the questions I wanted to answer.”

  • Bryant Gagliardi

    “I was able to purchase important equipment, and travel to conferences. Without these grants I wouldn't have achieved as much.”

  • Henry Wootton

    “Philanthropic support allowed me to travel to conduct important research alongside fishery operators.”

  • Himali Ratnayake

    “I travelled to field sites across Australia to collect data on flying-fox thermophysiology, a core part of my PhD.”

  • Jessica Henneken

    “It gave me extra confidence that my ideas and research were worthwhile.”

  • Maddy Yewers

    “Philanthropic support allowed me to work collaboratively with other researchers to expand my research horizons.”

  • Matthew Le Feuvre

    “Philanthropy gave me the resources to access remote rivers of the Kimberley, where I discovered 20 new species of fish.”

  • Michael Sievers

    “A philanthropic grant allowed me to purchase the equipment I needed for my PhD research on the conservation of frogs around Melbourne.”

  • Phoebe Burns

    “A number of philanthropic grants allow me to study threatened mammals, so we can learn why they're declining and how to conserve them.”