Selwyn Symposium 2019 : The co-evolution of life and Precambrian environments


Selwyn Symposium 2019 : The co-evolution of life and Precambrian environments

Fritz Lowe Theatre
School of Earth Sciences
Cnr Swanston and Elgin St


The School of Earth Sciences will be hosting this years GSAV Selwyn Symposium on the 30th September.

We have a great line up of speakers, who will be talking about a range of diverse topics including: new theories on the origins of life on Earth, the evolution of animals, ancient ocean habitats, extreme Neoproterozoic climate change and Precambrian environmental analogues for other planets. Our Selwyn Speaker will be Noah Planavsky from Yale, who will be presenting a free public lecture in the evening on "Earth's history and the search for life in our Universe".

We encourage everyone who is interested to attend, and we also have poster presentations available if anyone is keen to present around this theme (students and ECR's especially welcome!) Registration is half price for students ($50) and includes all food for the day. Please see the attached flyer, or the website below for more information and registration. We encourage registration by the 10th September.

Selwyn Symp 2019 - GSA VICTORIA

Australia has a rich record of Precambrian sediments which have led to many significant insights into Earth’s early evolutionary history. From the origin of life and land in the early Earth, to extreme climate change and biotic diversification in the terminal Proterozoic, the Precambrian showcases vast transitions in the Earth’s climate systems, ocean-atmosphere composition and biosphere.