BioSciences Seminar Series - The biology of a balanced diet


BioSciences Seminar Series - The biology of a balanced diet

As part of the 2018 BioSciences Seminar Series, Professor Stephen Simpson will present a Frontiers in BioSciences Lecture, hosted by Associate Professor Michael Kearney.

Nutrition directly or indirectly shapes all biological processes and is central to major health challenges facing humanity; yet the question of what represents a balanced diet and how this supports health and longevity remains unanswered. This talk will set out an integrative framework for describing the multidimensional nature of nutritional requirements, the relative values of foods in relation to these requirements, the behavioural and physiological responses when feeding on diets of varying composition, and the health consequences of being restricted to particular diets. These models arose from the study of nutritional ecology and were developed initially using a wide variety of species in the laboratory and the field. Steve will use examples spanning insects to humans to address problems in ageing, obesity and cardiometabolic health.

This lecture will run for 30 minutes, followed by Q&A and tea, coffee and networking.


  • Professor Stephen Simpson
    Professor Stephen Simpson, Academic Director, Charles Perkins Centre and School of Life and Environmental Sciences