Evolution, Ecology and Environmental Science

Evolution, ecology and environmental science are a broad set of topics that overlap in scope. Our work covers terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms, populations, communities and ecosystems. The research groups, led by some of the top international scientists, extend our knowledge of basic ecological and evolutionary processes and develop new methodology for research and management. We apply our expertise and knowledge to environmental issues such as climate change, conservation, sustainable resource management, invasive species management, biosecurity risk assessment, water pollution management and ecotoxicology. Since the solutions to environmental problems involve considerations other than biology, much of our applied work is multidisciplinary, working with physical scientists, social scientists, mathematicians, economists, government agencies and community groups. Plant evolution is also covered by the Plant Systematics and Evolution Group.

We are constantly looking for higher degree students, post-doctoral researchers and collaborators who would like to join us in the excitement of science and in the solution of problems. For convenience only, we have divided our key researchers into four groups: