Animal Behaviour & Evolution

The aim of our research is to show how environmental variation affects selection on individual behaviour and communication, and how environmental change may affect the evolutionary trajectory of populations and species. We do this by investigating species behaviour, social signalling, coloration, sexual selection, and the underlying evolutionary importance of these factors.

Research groups

Prof Mark Elgar Evolutionary Biology of Organismal Diversity
Dr Christy Hipsley Reptile Paleontology & Evolution
Dr Theresa Jones Invertebrate Behavioural Ecology
Prof Raoul Mulder Evolutionary Ecology of Birds
Dr Devi Stuart-Fox Animal Colouration & Evolutionary Ecology of Lizards


Dr Jane MelvilleEvolution of lizards & frogs
Assoc Prof Murray LittlejohnFrog communication
Prof Angus MartinMammalian ecology
Dr Kirsti Abbott Ant ecology & behaviour
Dr Matthew SymondsComparative evolutionary ecology
Dr David Young Insect Evolution
Assoc Prof Dong ZhangPhylogenetics of flies
Dr Ken WalkerEntomology
Dr Chris Reid Beetle biology