Marine and Freshwater Ecology & Evolution

Aquatic  biologists in the School of BioSciences work on a diversity of topics across marine and freshwater organisms, their conservation and management. We conduct our research in temperate and tropical aquatic environments, including: temperate coasts & seas, estuaries, coral reefs, urban streams & wetlands and rivers.

Together, we investigate the:

  • Behaviour, ecology, evolution and biodiversity of marine & freshwater organisms;
  • Effects of human disturbance and climate change on habitats, species and communities;
  • Innovative approaches to aquatic pollution detection and the reduction of pollution impacts;
  • Productivity of aquaculture and technologies to improve its environmental performance; and
  • Ecological aspects of marine protected areas, habitat restoration, water resource & fisheries management.

Research groups

Dr Jan Carey Marine Ecology & Environmental Management
Assoc Prof Rob Day Fisheries Ecology & Aquaculture
Assoc Prof Tim Dempster Sustainable Aquaculture  - Temperate and Tropical
Prof Greg Jenkins Marine Ecology, Fisheries Biology & Management
Prof Michael Keough Temperate Marine Ecology
Dr John Morrongiello Marine & Freshwater Ecology & Evolution
Assoc Prof Vin Pettigrove Aquatic Ecotoxicology
Prof Steve Swearer Ecology & Evolution of Fishes
Dr Eric Treml Marine Spatial Ecology & Conservation
Dr Heroen Verbruggen Evolutionary Biology of Marine Algae
Prof Madeleine van Oppen Microbial Symbiosis in Corals & Climate Change Adaptation

Queenscliff Marine Research Station & Victorian Marine Science Consortium

Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification & Management


Dr John FordMarine ecology
Prof John WestMarine phycology
Dr Kerry BlackOceanography
Dr Paul HamerFisheries biology
Dr Richard WetherbeePhycology
Prof Spas KolevAquatic pollution
Dr Allyson O’Brien Marine and estuarine ecology