Terrestrial Ecology & Evolution

We study a wide range of land animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates) and higher plants, as well as the interactions within and between trophic levels. Particular interests include the ecology and management of native and invasive species; habitat use and ecology of mammals and reptiles; first-principles modelling of individual, population and evolutionary dynamics; application of genomic techniques to species population dynamics and biodiversity management; terrestrial animals as bio-indicators of environmental disturbance; and the ecology and conservation of the terrestrial coastal fringe.

Research groups

Assoc Prof Michael Kearney Climatic and metabolic Ecology
Prof Ary Hoffmann Pest and Environmental Adaptation
Prof Roger Cousens Invasive Plant Population Biology
Dr Ben Phillips Spatial Ecology and Evolution
Dr Kath Handasyde Wildlife Ecology, Management & Disease


Assoc Prof Graeme Coulson Conservation & Wildlife Biology
Dr Marissa Parrott Marsupial Biology
Dr Michael McGrath Animal Behaviour
Assoc Prof David Morgan Animal Ecology