BioSciences Masters and Honours Information Day

Now is the time to consider the next steps in your academic career. Whether you’ve just started your search for further study or you already know exactly the research you’re interested in, this is a great place to find out more and get connected with those who can help you get to where you want to go.

For an overview on Masters and Honours study options within the School of BioSciences, tune in to our Next Steps BioSciences Masters and Honours Information Day on Tuesday 22 September to hear from our course coordinators about the program structure as well as hear directly from supervisors for details on available projects within the School of BioSciences in 2021.

Once you’ve had a chance to peruse the video presentations and read about potential projects on offer, feel free to drop into any of the scheduled Zoom sessions for a 1-1 or small group chat with a supervisor.

Read more about the process of finding a supervisor and project.

Event schedule

Tuesday 22 September

10.00–10.30am Master of Science (BioSciences) and Honours introduction
Join the MSc/Hons coordinators to hear about the structure of the courses and answer any questions you might have.
Main Zoom room
10.30–10.45am Master of Biotechnology introduction
Join the MBiotech coordinator to hear about the structure of the course and answer any questions you might have.
Main Zoom room
10.45am–12.00pm Independent time
View the Information pages and videos for the research Themes. View videos and information pages about individual supervisor's research interests and project information.
12.00-13.00pm Meet the Supervisors
Drop-in to Zoom rooms to chat with a supervisor about their research and potential projects.
Book a time to chat with a supervisor

Student videos

Hear from some of our students:

Research themes

Click on the titles and videos below to read about the different research themes within the School and see the supervisors involved.

Biomedical Science and Human Biology 
Biotechnology and Translational ResearchVideo
Conservation and Climate Change 
Developmental and Cellular GeneticsVideo
Evolution and BehaviourVideo
Marine BiologyVideo | PDF
Melbourne Integrative Genomics 
Mycology and Plant Pathology 
Plant BiologyVideo
Pollution Impact and ManagementVideo
Population and Quantitative Genetics 
Quantitative and Applied EcologyPDF
Reproduction and DevelopmentVideo


To find more about individual supervisors' research interests and view their potential projects, you can click on their name below and view their videos. If you'd like to meet them, please select an available time to join their room.

Zoom room chats will occur between 12pm and 1pm unless another time is given.

Academic Research areaVideoZoom chats
Alex Andrianopoulos Microbial and developmental genetics   
David Balding Statistical genomics   
Luke Barrett Marine ecology and sustainable aquaculture PDF  
Phil Batterham Neurogenetics, behaviour and systems biology in insects   
Simon Baxter Applied pest control; Pest biology VideoBook Zoom
Joanne Birch Plant Evolution   
Anthony Boxshall Marine ecology, coastal climate adaptation and environmental sciences  
Natalie Briscoe Ecology and Global Change Biology   
Paolin Rocio Cáceres Vélez Therapies and genetics underlying neuronal cell health VideoBook Zoom
Melissa Carew Freshwater biological monitoring   
Rob Day Marine ecology, aquaculture, fisheries, climate change effects on marine animals  Book Zoom
Tim Dempster Marine ecology and aquaculture  
Andrew Drinnan Plant development, morphology, anatomy, architecture and evolution   
Michael Duffy Malaria pathogenesis and nuclear biology   
David Duncan integrity of native ecosystems in human dominated landscapes   
Berit Ebert Metabolomics and proteomics   
Mark Elgar Evolutionary ecology  Book Zoom
Nancy Endersby-Harshman Insecticide resistance, ecology and population genetics  Book Zoom
Mary Familari Developmental biology   
Jane Fenelon Reproductive and developmental biology  Book Zoom
Alex Fournier-Level Adaptive evolution   
Stephen Frankenberg Mammalian early development and stem cells   
Irene Gallego Romero Human evolution, genomics and stem cells  Book Zoom
David Gardner Reproductive biology   
John Golz Developmental regulation and Translational research   
Jason Goodger Plant natural products   
Christopher Dean Goodman Malaria biology and host-vector interactions  Book Zoom
Mark Green Reproductive biology  Book Zoom
Xinyue Gu Molecular entomology, endosymbionts, environmental stress PEARG VideoBook Zoom
Gurutzeta Guillera-Arroita Quantitative ecology   
Alexandra Harvey Embryonic stem cells   
Mike Haydon Plant cell signalling  Book Zoom
Joshua Heazlewood Plant biochemistry  Book Zoom
Ary Hoffmann Pest and environmental adaptation Video | PEARG Video 
Luke Holman Evolutionary ecology   
Alexander Idnurm Fungal biology   
Greg Jenkins Marine ecology   
Alex Johnson Plant and food biotechnology   
Therésa Jones Behavioural ecology   
Patricia Jusuf Neural development and regeneration   
Michael Kearney Ecology and evolution   
Mick Keough Marine ecology   
Jose Lahoz-Monfort Ecological modelling   
Edwin Lampugnani Plant evolution and development   
Stephen Leslie Statistical and population genetics   
James Maino Insect spatial ecology PEARG VideoBook Zoom
Michael McCarthy Ecology   
Geoffrey McFadden Malaria and endosymbiosis   
Kathryn McNamara Evolutionary ecology   
Iliana Medina Guzman Evolutionary ecology   
Rebecca Morris Marine ecology and coastal climate adaptation VideoBook Zoom
John Morrongiello Marine and freshwater ecology  
Raoul Mulder Behavioural ecology   
Michael Murray Developmental genetics of Drosophila Book Zoom
Ed Newbigin Pollen biology   
Allyson O'Brien Marine pollution, ecology, and environmental management   
Madeleine Van Oppen Marine ecology and evolution   
Andrew Pask Comparative genomics of development and disease VideoBook Zoom
Trent Perry Insecticide biology, neurogenetics, parasitic biology of the blowfly   
Suzie Reichman Pollution impact and management  Book Zoom
Marilyn Renfree Reproductive and developmental biology  Book Zoom
Charles Robin Insect population genetics and molecular evolution  Book Zoom
Nick Robinson Aquaculture breeding and genetics  
Ute Roessner Abiotic stress adaptation and tolerance   
Karen Rowe Ecology and conservation using museum collections and acoustics   
Kevin Rowe Integrative mammalogy: taxonomy, evolution, genomics, morphology, conservation biology   
Marc Somssich Plant-fungal interactions and plant cell walls   
Darren Southwell Adaptive management and optimal monitoring of threatened species   
Perran Stott-Ross Environmental stress, evolution, entomology and endosymbionts PEARG VideoBook Zoom
Devi Stuart-Fox Evolutionary ecology  Book Zoom
Michael Stumpf Theoretical systems biology   
Steve Swearer Marine ecology, evolution, and environmental  
Gerard Tarulli Development of reproductive tissues  Book Zoom
Joshua Thia Population genomics, evolutionary biology, and applied science PEARG VideoBook Zoom
Paul Umina Insect ecology and management Video | PEARG Video 
Allison Van de Meene Plant cell biology using high-end microscopy techniques   
Angela Van de Wouw Plant-pathogen interactions   
Belinda van Heerwaarden Climate change adaptation Video | PEARG VideoBook Zoom
Heroen Verbruggen Marine genomics and microbiology  
Peter Vesk Vegetation ecology and management / CEED  Book Zoom
Robert Walker Plant, soil and microbe interactions   
Fletcher Warren-Myers Marine ecology and aquaculture  
Michelle Watt Plant root system discovery and application to human and environmental challenges  Book Zoom
Andrew Weeks Conservation biology   
Matt West Applied ecology   
Bonnie Wintle Conservation ecology / CEED   
Qiong Yang Insect pest and endosymbionts PEARG VideoBook Zoom
Jian Yen Linking theory and data in ecology