All supervisors

Alex Andrianopoulos

Microbial and developmental genetics

Luke Barrett

Marine ecology and sustainable aquaculture

Phil Batterham

Neurogenetics, behaviour and systems biology in insects

Simon Baxter

Applied insect genetics

Mike Bayly

Plant Evolution

Joanne Birch

Plant Evolution

Anthony Boxshall

Marine ecology, coastal climate adaptation, pollution impact and management, and environmental sciences

Hayley Bugeja

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

Paolin Rocio Cáceres Vélez

Therapies and genetics underlying neuronal cell health

Melissa Carew

Freshwater biological monitoring

Daniel Czech

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

Rob Day

Abalone aquaculture, fisheries, shark fishery effects, Effects of marine climate change

Tim Dempster

Marine ecology and aquaculture

Andrew Drinnan

Plant development, morphology, anatomy, architecture and evolution

Jessica Dunleavy

Male reproductive biology, cell biology, spermatogenesis

Berit Ebert

Plant cell wall biosynthesis

Mark Elgar

Evolutionary ecology

Nancy Endersby-Harshman

Insecticide resistance, ecology and population genetics

Mary Familari

Developmental biology

Jane Fenelon

Reproductive and developmental biology

Alex Fournier-Level

Adaptive evolution

Jennifer Fox

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

Stephen Frankenberg

Development, reproduction, genomics, genetic biocontrol and synthetic biology

Amanda Franklin

Visual ecology

Irene Gallego Romero

Human evolution and functional genomics

David Gardner

Reproductive biology

Lisa Godinho

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

John Golz

Developmental regulation and translational research

Jason Goodger

Plant natural products

Mark Green

Reproductive biology

Lara Grollo

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

Xinyue Gu

Molecular entomology,endosymbionts, environmental stress

Alexandra Harvey

Embryonic stem cells

Mike Haydon

Plant cell signalling

Joshua Heazlewood

Plant glycomics

Ary Hoffmann

Pest and environmental adaptation

Brendan Houston

Genetics of male infertility, spermatogenesis and sperm function

Rebecca Hull

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

Alexander Idnurm

Fungal biology

Greg Jenkins

Marine ecology

Alex Johnson

Plant and food biotechnology

Therésa Jones

Behavioural ecology, Urban Light Pollution and Evolutionary Ecology

Patricia Jusuf

Neural development and regeneration, and disease modelling and treatment screening

Michael Kearney

Physiological ecology, climate change responses, metabolic ecology, insect conservation, grasshopper biology

Mick Keough

Marine ecology

Edwin Lampugnani

Plant evolution and development

Stephen Leslie

Statistical and population genetics

James Maino

Insect spatial ecology

Justin Maire

Marine microbiology and coral reef conservation

Margie Mayfield

Plant and insect community ecology

Geoffrey McFadden

Malaria and endosymbiosis

Iliana Medina Guzman

Evolutionary ecology

Rebecca Morris

Marine ecology and coastal climate adaptation

John Morrongiello

Marine and freshwater ecology and evolution

Raoul Mulder

Behavioural ecology

Ed Newbigin

Pollen biology

Allyson O'Brien

Marine pollution, ecology, and environmental management

Allyson O'Brien

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

Moira O'Bryan

Male infertility and germ cell biology

Madeleine van Oppen

Marine ecology and evolution

Andrew Pask

Evolution, development and reproduction

Ben Phillips

Population biology

Andrew Pomeroy

Coastal adaption, restoration, engineering and protection

Suzie Reichman

Pollution impact and management

Marilyn Renfree

Reproductive and developmental biology

Charles Robin

Insect population genetics and molecular evolution

Nick Robinson

Aquaculture breeding and genetics

Karen Rowe

Ecology and conservation using museum collections and acoustics

Kevin Rowe

Integrative mammalogy: taxonomy, evolution, genomics, morphology, conservation biology

Lauren Salo

Innovation and Impact in BioSciences Education

Marc Somssich

The Role of the Cell Wall in Plant Immunity

Perran Stott-Ross

Environmental stress, evolution, entomology and endosymbionts

Devi Stuart-Fox

Evolutionary ecology

Michael Stumpf

Theoretical systems biology

Steve Swearer

Marine ecology and environmental science

Gerard Tarulli

Reproductive and developmental biology

Joshua Thia

Population genomics, evolutionary biology, and applied science

Paul Umina

Insect ecology and management

Allison Van de Meene

Plant cell biology using high-end microscopy techniques

Angela Van de Wouw

Plant pathogen interactions

Belinda van Heerwaarden

Climate change adaptation

Heroen Verbruggen

Marine genomics and microbiology

Robert Walker

Plant, soil and microbe interactions

Fletcher Warren-Myers

Marine ecology and aquaculture

Michelle Watt

Plant root system discovery and application to human and environmental challenges in Earth and in Space

Vicky Waymouth

Soil microbes and rhizosphere interactions

Andrew Weeks

Conservation biology

Matt West

Applied ecology and wildlife conservation

Qiong Yang

Insect pest and endosymbionts

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