Dr John Golz

Research interests

Developmental regulation and Translational research

Our group uses a combination of genetics, molecular, and cellular biology to investigate seed development. Specifically, we are interested in knowing how cell types are specified during the early stages of embryogenesis and in identifying the genetic pathways regulating cellular differentiation in the protective layers surrounding the developing embryo - the seed coat. We are interested in improving genetic transformation technology for the rapid characterisation of agronomically important genes in crop plants. This technology will then be applied to the modification of seed size and fatty acid content in crop plants such as the superfood chia.

Research projects

  • Investigating seed size control in plants
  • Developing transformation and gene editing technologies for Chia
  • Role of cell wall modifying genes in the developing seed coat
  • Metabolic control of post-translational modifications in embryo development (with the Haydon group)

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