A/Prof. Rob Day

Research interests

Marine ecology, aquaculture, fisheries, climate change effects on marine animals

  • Abalone aquaculture: growth, stress and immune function
  • Climate change effects on aquaculture species
  • Shark and shark fisheries population dynamics and management
  • Reproductive biology of Sharks (With Dr Terry Walker)
  • Evolutionary change due to domestication in aquaculture

Research projects

  • How abalone respiration is affected by Climate Change. No-one has yet studied abalone respiration under flow! As flow moves water over the gills, this project will break new ground, internationally. We will use the new method to investigate climate change effects.
  • How Climate Change may affect abalone feeding, behaviour, and immunity. A 2nd student would partner to set up temperature and pH treatments, and look at behaviour, feeding, and immune function, with expert advice from Dr Sabine Roussel in France. We look forward also to student exchanges between France and our lab.
  • Changes in behaviour and other traits between wild and farm abalone. Farm abalone have ben selected for farm conditions. But the changes in many traits are unknown. This project would explore changes such as escape responses to predators, compared to wild abalone, again with advice from Sabine Roussel.

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