Developmental and cellular genetics

The living cell possesses extraordinary capabilities that allow it to sense and respond to its environment, metabolise nutrients required for growth and division and undergo changes in cell shape and function. All of these processes are under the control of the hereditary instructions or genes it expresses, from among the thousands in its genome.


Alex Andrianopoulos

Microbial and developmental genetics

Phil Batterham

Neurogenetics, behaviour and systems biology in insects

Paolin Rocio Cáceres Vélez

Therapies and genetics underlying neuronal cell health

Jessica Dunleavy

Male reproductive biology, cell biology, spermatogenesis

John Golz

Developmental regulation and translational research

Mike Haydon

Plant cell signalling

Brendan Houston

Genetics of male infertility, spermatogenesis and sperm function

Patricia Jusuf

Neural development and regeneration, and disease modelling and treatment screening

Geoffrey McFadden

Malaria and endosymbiosis

Moira O'Bryan

Male infertility and germ cell biology

Marilyn Renfree

Reproductive and developmental biology

Heroen Verbruggen

Marine genomics and microbiology

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