Ecology and conservation

The Ecology and Conservation group applies ecological and evolutionary principles to the fields of wildlife, conservation and applied biology across a wide range of land animals (including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, a wide range of invertebrates, and some plant groups). Particular interests include the management of native and invasive species; habitat use and ecology of invertebrates and vertebrates; first-principles modelling of individual, population, and evolutionary dynamics; application of genomic techniques to biodiversity management; and terrestrial animals as bioindicators of environmental disturbance.


Melissa Carew

Freshwater biological monitoring

Alex Fournier-Level

Adaptive evolution

Ary Hoffmann

Pest and environmental adaptation

Michael Kearney

Physiological ecology, climate change responses, metabolic ecology, insect conservation, grasshopper biology

Margie Mayfield

Plant and insect community ecology

Ben Phillips

Population biology

Kevin Rowe

Integrative mammalogy: taxonomy, evolution, genomics, morphology, conservation biology

Joshua Thia

Population genomics, evolutionary biology, and applied science

Belinda van Heerwaarden

Climate change adaptation

Andrew Weeks

Conservation biology

Matt West

Applied ecology and wildlife conservation

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