Marine biology

Marine biologists in the School of BioSciences work on a diversity of topics across marine organisms, their conservation and management. We conduct our research in temperate and tropical marine environments, from estuaries to the deep sea.

Together we investigate the:

  • Behaviour, ecology, evolution and biodiversity of marine organisms;
  • Effects of human disturbance on habitats, species and communities;
  • Technologies to improve the productivity of aquaculture and its environmental performance;
  • Adaptation of aquaculture and fishery management for climate change;
  • Ecological aspects of marine protected areas and fisheries management.


Luke Barrett

Marine ecology and sustainable aquaculture

Anthony Boxshall

Marine ecology, coastal climate adaptation, pollution impact and management, and environmental sciences

Rob Day

Abalone aquaculture, fisheries, shark fishery effects, Effects of marine climate change

Tim Dempster

Marine ecology and aquaculture

Greg Jenkins

Marine ecology

Mick Keough

Marine ecology

Justin Maire

Marine microbiology and coral reef conservation

Geoffrey McFadden

Malaria and endosymbiosis

Rebecca Morris

Marine ecology and coastal climate adaptation

John Morrongiello

Marine and freshwater ecology and evolution

Allyson O'Brien

Marine pollution, ecology, and environmental management

Madeleine van Oppen

Marine ecology and evolution

Andrew Pomeroy

Coastal adaption, restoration, engineering and protection

Nick Robinson

Aquaculture breeding and genetics

Steve Swearer

Marine ecology and environmental science

Heroen Verbruggen

Marine genomics and microbiology

Fletcher Warren-Myers

Marine ecology and aquaculture

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