Pollution impact and management

Researchers in the Centre for Anthropogenic Pollution Impact and Management investigate the fate, behaviour, toxicity and management of pollution in the environment including in water, soil, air, light and waste. Our research covers human health and ecological sustainability including traditional pollutants (e.g. metals, nitrogen and hydrocarbons) as well as emerging contaminants such as per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and microplastics. Outcomes from our research are used by government, industry and the community to make decisions and more safely manage polluted environments.


Anthony Boxshall

Marine ecology, coastal climate adaptation, pollution impact and management, and environmental sciences

Mark Green

Reproductive biology

Therésa Jones

Behavioural ecology, Urban Light Pollution and Evolutionary Ecology

Allyson O'Brien

Marine pollution, ecology, and environmental management

Suzie Reichman

Pollution impact and management

Steve Swearer

Marine ecology and environmental science

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