Reproduction and development

The Reproduction and Development Groups study the very beginnings of life and factors that influence the growth and health of the embryo, foetus and offspring. Basic and biomedical research of mammalian systems focuses on the genetics and molecular control of early embryo development, sexual differentiation, environmental disruptors of development, stem cell biology, comparative genomics and reproductive physiology. Reproduction is the science of the transmission of life!


Mary Familari

Developmental biology

Jane Fenelon

Reproductive and developmental biology

Stephen Frankenberg

Mammalian early development and stem cells

David Gardner

Reproductive biology

Mark Green

Reproductive biology

Alexandra Harvey

Embryonic stem cells

Geoffrey McFadden

Malaria and endosymbiosis

Andrew Pask

Comparative genomics of development and disease

Marilyn Renfree

Reproductive and developmental biology

Gerard Tarulli

Development of reproductive tissues

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