Alys Young: Humans of BioSciences

Meet Alys Young, a Research Assistant in the Quantitative and Applied Ecology (QAEco) group and the National Centre for Coasts and Climate (NCCC) at the University of Melbourne.

Alys recently graduated with a Master of Science (BioSciences), where her research focused on predicting malleefowl breeding activity based on vegetation productivity. She loves staying active and is also passionate about gardening (both indoor and outside).

Reflecting on her time as an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne, she comments:

'There are so many more opportunities to learn than just in your class. Get to know your lecturers as people and their careers, find volunteering roles, attend talks – be proactive in learning outside of a formal education.'

'Humans of BioSciences' is a special new series to introduce the School of BioSciences' undergrad and postgrad students, our academics, professional staff and associates.