By integrating expertise in ecology, evolution, and molecular and cellular biology, the School of BioSciences has a unique capacity to address major scientific and societal problems in biology.

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Centre for Aquatic Pollution Identification and Management (CAPIM)

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Centre for Anthropogenic Pollution Impact and Management

Our interdisciplinary research concentrates on the identification of pollution in the environment – in water, soil, air and waste – and impact assessments and management strategies for human health and ecological sustainability.

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Bee lands on yellow and red flower

Botany Foundation

The Botany Foundation supports excellence in education and research in botany addressing issues relating to the use of plants, the environment, food security and nutrition.

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Three tiny native mammals held in a hand

Native Australian Animals Trust

The Native Australian Animal Trust provides a way for people who are passionate about Australia’s wildlife and their environments to connect with and support the University of Melbourne’s research, teaching and engagement activities.

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Banner photo by David Clode. A neon cuckoo bee (Thyreus nitidulus) on a coral vine (Antigonon leptopus).