Marilyn Renfree awarded the Society for the Study of Reproduction's Carl G. Hartmann Award

This is the highest award of the SSR and given in recognition of a career of research and scholarly activities in the field of reproductive biology.

This is the 50th year of the annual award program recognizing significant achievements and contributions to advancing the science of reproductive biology in research, academic scholarship, professional leadership, mentoring and service.

The Society for the Study of Reproduction (SSR) is the world’s leading association for supporting the scientific study of reproduction by fostering interdisciplinary communication among scientists, holding conferences and publishing meritorious studies.

“The 2019 SSR award winners include some of the world’s most accomplished reproductive biology scientists, physicians and professionals working to advance science in reproduction, fertility and development benefiting humans and animals,” said Saima Hedrick, executive director, SSR. “SSR will recognize the award winners and their accomplishments at our 2019 annual conference titled Beyond Possible:  Remarkable Transformation of Reproductive Biology from July 18-21 in San Jose, CA.”

Professor Renfree is a reproductive and developmental biologist whose research has focused almost entirely on marsupials not only because of their intrinsic interest but also for the opportunities they provide as biomedical models for understanding mammalian reproduction and development. Throughout her career she has also conducted research on elephants, women, sheep and mice.

Her laboratory is known internationally for its study of the reproduction and development of marsupials. The Renfree & Shaw Laboratory has made a number of discoveries that challenged the accepted dogma in several areas including early mammalian development, physiological and molecular control of embryonic diapause, placentation, sexual differentiation, virilisation and genomic imprinting, as well as conservation and evolution. Research in this laboratory has also successfully brought a gene from the extinct Tasmanian Tiger back to life!

The Society for the Study of Reproduction was founded in 1967 with members in more than 50 countries, The Society For The Study of Reproduction is the world’s leading association for scientists and physicians dedicated to advancing knowledge of reproductive processes in animals and humans. Pioneering scientific contributions from SSR members have been made in the following areas: stem cell biology, transgenesis, treatment of infertility, contraception, livestock production, pregnancy health, treatment of reproductive system cancers, and identification of environmental contaminants.

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