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A/Prof. Anthony Boxshall

Research interests

Marine ecology, coastal climate adaptation, pollution impact and management, and environmental sciences

  • Integrating environmental research into practice in Government
  • Pollution Impacts and Management (plastics, faecal matter, PFAS and other pollutants)
  • Marine and Coastal adaptation to climate change
  • Ecological engineering and habitat restoration
  • Citizen science
  • Science Communication

Research projects

  • Ecological impacts of microplastics in Port Phillip Bay. This project will involve collecting field data on microplastic fibres and running laboratory experiments to test if they accumulate in fish and invertebrates. (with Dr Allyson O'Brien and Prof. Mick Keough)
  • Assessing the social acceptance of using nature-based coastal defence structures in Victoria (with Dr Beth Strain).
  • I am interested in co-supervision for other MSc projects that have a demonstrable potential impact into policy, management, planning or regulation. My involvement will be focused on the integration of research outcomes into Government practice.

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