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Dr. Elizabeth Bromfield

Research interests

Redox biology, reproduction, germ cells, proteomics, lipid biochemistry

Our group uses proteomics and lipidomics to understand how reproductive cells (sperm and eggs) succumb to oxidative stress. Our goal is to design and implement new strategies to protect reproductive cells from oxidative damage. To do this we focus on preventing lipid peroxidation and bolstering protein homeostasis.

  • Fortifying germ cells against oxidative stress
  • multi-omics
  • preventing infertility
  • contraceptive development
  • stress communication between germline and soma

Research projects

  • Is male infertility linked to life expectancy? Exploring links between somatic and germline health in a mouse model
  • Taking the 'easyphos' route: using phosphoproteomics to understand how sperm prepare for fertilization

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