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Dr John Golz

Research interests

Developmental regulation and translational research

Our group uses a combination of genetics, molecular, and cellular biology to investigate seed development. Specifically, we are interested in knowing how cell types are specified during the early stages of plant embryogenesis and in charactersing the genetic pathways that specify the unique properties of the seed coat, a protective tissue surrounding the embryo. We are interested in using synthetic biology to introduce agronomically important traits into crop plants and aim to use this technology to increase seed size as part of a strategy to enhace crop yields.

Research projects

  • Engineering crops of the future - Molecular genetic approaches to altering seed size
  • Engineering crops of the future - Designing plants that sequester carbon in their roots (in collaboration with Prof Michelle Watt)
  • Understanding gene regulatory networks controlling seed permeability
  • Origin of grain dispersal genes in cereals (in collaboration Dr Mohammad Pourkheirandish - School of Agriculture, Food, and Ecosystem Sciences)

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