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Dr John Morrongiello

Research interests

Marine and freshwater ecology and evolution

We are a group of ecologists and evolutionary biologists working in marine and freshwater systems investigating how animals respond to environmental change on contemporary and evolutionary time scales. We are keenly interested in the impacts of, and adaptations to, fishery activity, natural and human-induced flow variability, and environmental change. We ask questions at different levels of biological organisation, ranging from individuals (e.g. growth and behaviour) to assemblages (e.g. diversity and fishery productivity), using field-based and experimental techniques.

  • Climate change impact and adaptation
  • Evolutionary and behavioural ecology
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • fishig iduced evolution
  • River regulation and habitat restoration
  • Life histories

Research projects

  • Fishing and climate change impacts on fish growth
  • Assessing the impacts of selective harvest on behaviour, growth and metabolism in fish

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