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Dr Matt West

Research interests

Applied ecology and wildlife conservation

  • Threatened species conservation and management
  • Wildlife population dynamics
  • Disease ecology including host-reservoir interactions
  • Captive breeding and reintroduction
  • Ecological modelling
  • Frogs, Fish and Fungus (Chytrid) plus things that fly (birds and bats)

Research projects

  • Manipulating environmental and trophic interactions to reduce disease risk for threatened frogs.
  • Using sound recorders to understand wildlife (frog and bird) populations. This project is supported by Industry.
  • Developing improved (non-invasive) strategies to monitor threatened amphibians during mark-recapture programs.
  • How far can frogs hop? Understanding movement and dispersal to inform management of threatened frogs.
  • Are freshwater spiny crayfish impacted by amphibian chytrid fungus, and can crayfish facilitate chytrd transmission to frogs?
  • Why do frogs produce an odour? This research project may be undertaken with Zoo Industry partners

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