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Prof. Nina Wedell

Research interests

Evolutionary biology

The Wedell research lab is focused on illuminating the role of genomic parasites in generating intragenomic conflict, predominantly working with insects. We explore the fundamental characteristic of selfish genes as agents of sexual selection and sexual conflict and aim to elucidate the consequences of these for hosts’ mating systems, the evolution of new traits, the creation of biological novelty, and the survival of populations.

  • evolutionary ecology of sexual reproduction
  • sexual selection and sexual conflict
  • selfish genetic elements
  • pesticide resistance
  • intragenomic conflict

Research projects

  • The effect of individual amino acids in insect resistance
  • The effect of transposable elements on fertility
  • The role of a sexual dimorphic gene on insecticide resistance
  • Evolution of allele polymorphisms in natural populations exposed to climate change 
  • The synergism between temperature and insecticides on the demise of insect populations

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