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Dr Laura Bibiana Ospina Rozo

Research interests

Biophotonics and bio-inspiration

I am passionate about understanding the adaptations that organisms have evolved to interact with physical phenomena around them, such as light waves. I use a cross-disciplinary approach to link questions of fundamental biology with technological applications. My experiments combine light, electron and atomic force microscopy, with colour quantification, computational models and ecological data.

  • Natural photonic/colourful materials: their wonderful properties, function and evolution
  • Bio-inspiration – from evolution to technology.

Research projects

  • Are silver crystals insulators to prevent water-loss in tiny spiders?
  • Light green vs. dark green: do beetles use nano-lenses in their surfaces to alter saturation?
  • When being shiny is not the answer: Why metallic jewel beetles cover their body with white powder? Co-supervised with Amanda Franklin
  • Gold and brass, two morphs of the same Christmas beetle species, what is the difference? Co-supervised with Devi Stuart-Fox

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