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A/Prof. Rob Day

Research interests

Abalone aquaculture, fisheries, shark fishery effects, Effects of marine climate change

My sudents have worked with many applied projecs: abalone fisheries and aquaculture, modelling fisheries, rock lobster fishery biology, shark aging and reproductive biology, shark vulnerability, and also other aspects of the ecology of rocky shore molluscs. Currently I work with Dr Terry Walker on shark biology, and with D Roussel in France on abalone behaviour and the domestication process in abalone farms.

  • Abalone aquaculture: growth, stress and immune function
  • Climate change effects on aquaculture species
  • Shark and shark fisheries population dynamics and management
  • Reproductive biology of Sharks (With Dr Terry Walker)
  • Evolutionary change due to domestication in aquaculture

Research projects

  • Shark and teleost species on the southern Australia continental shelf, and the selectivity of gillnets for selected species. This project would use available data sets and literature to construct a spatial characterisation of the fish fauna, then determine their relative abundance and gill net size selectivity of selected species using survey data and available R software;and determine the effects of fishing on these species.

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