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Dr Kevin Rowe

Research interests

Integrative mammalogy: taxonomy, evolution, genomics, morphology, conservation biology

Students in my lab work on a wide range of topics related to the origins, evolution, and conservation of mammalian biodiversity, particularly rodents. Relying on and building museum collections we integrate remote fieldwork, biodiversity surveys, genomics, morphology, ecology, geography, and time series data to adress diverse questions. How have species responded to climate change and what are the impacts of bushfires on threatened species? How does biogeography shape the diversification of species? How do genomes and phenotype evolve across the tree of life? How threatened are species by loss of genetic variation?

  • Mammalian evolution
  • Biogeography
  • Systematics
  • Comparative Genomics
  • Threatened species conservation and management
  • Molecular and integrative species delimitation

Research projects

  • Genomic analysis for threatened species management. Project will work with a national consortia using genomic data from threatened rodent species to trial a user friendly online system designed for conservation managers to calculate key genetic parameters for threatened species using genomic data.
  • Bushfire impacts on threatened rodent species in Victoria. Several projects involving fieldwork and collaborative data analysis.

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