Research Groups

The School of BioSciences aims to be a leading international research centre. Each research area is filled with world-class experts addressing topics such as conservation and climate change, evolution and behaviour, genetics and development, marine biology or plant biodiversity. You can explore research topics below and contact our academics directly if you're interested.

Name Research topic Email address
Andrianopoulos, Prof Alex Microbial and developmental genetics
Balding, Prof David Statistical genomics / MIG
Batterham, Prof Phil Neurogenetics, behaviour and systems biology in insects
Bayly, Dr Mike Systematics and biogeography
Birch, Dr Jo Herbarium / Systematics and
Blackall, Prof Linda Microbial communities and ecology
Carey, Dr Jan Marine ecology and environmental management
Cousens, Prof Roger Invasive plant population biology
Day, A/Prof Robert Fisheries ecology and aquaculture
Day, Prof Karen Malaria
de Rozario, Dr Richard Analytical
Dempster, Dr Tim Sustainable aquaculture
Drinnan, A/Prof Andrew Plant systematics
Duffy, Dr Michael Malaria pathogenesis and nuclear biology
Ebert, Dr Berit Cell wall biosynthesis
Elgar, Prof Mark Evolutionary biology of organismal diversity
Elith, A/Prof Jane Species distribution modelling / CEED
Familari, Dr Mary Developmental biology
Fidler, A/Prof Fiona Conservation science
Fournier-Level, Dr Alex Adaptive evolution
Gallego Romero, Dr Irene Human evolution, genomics and stem cells / MIG
Gardner, Prof David Reproductive biology and assisted conception
Golz, Dr John Plant developmental genetics
Green, Dr Mark Reproductive technologies
Guillera-Arroita, Dr Gurutzeta Quantitative ecology
Handasyde, Dr Kath Wildlife ecology, management and disease
Haydon, Dr Mike Plant cell signalling
Heazlewood, A/Prof Joshua Plant biochemistry and glycomics
Hipsley, Dr Christy Reptile paleontology and evolution
Hoffman, Prof Ary Pest and environmental adaptation
Holman, Dr Luke Evolution and genetics of sex
Idnurm, Dr Alex Mycology
Jenkins, Prof Greg Aquatic ecology, fisheries biology and management
Johnson, A/Prof Alex Plant nutrition
Jones, Dr Theresa Urban light lab
Jusuf, Dr Patricia Neural development and regeneration
Kearney, Dr Michael Climatic and metabolic ecology
Keough, Prof Mick Temperate marine ecology / CAPIM
Kompas, Prof Tom Economics of biosecurity / CEBRA
Lahoz-Monfort, Dr José Ecological modelling
Leslie, A/Prof Stephen Statistical genetics
Martin, A/Prof Jon Phylogeny and evolution of chironomid midges
McCarthy, Prof Mick Ecology for better environmental decisions / CEED
McFadden, Prof Geoff Malaria and endosymbiosis
Morrongiello, Dr John Marine and freshwater ecology and evolution
Mulder, Prof Raoul Evolutionary ecology of birds
Murray, Dr Mike Developmental genetics of drosophila
Newbigin, A/Prof Ed Pollen biology
Parry, Prof Laura Vascular physiology, reproduction and ageing
Pask, A/Prof Andrew Evolution, development and reproduction
Perry, Dr. TrentMolecular Genetics of Insect
Persson, Prof Staffan Plant cell biology
Phillips, Dr Ben Spatial ecology and evolution
Renfree, Prof Marilyn Reproduction and development
Robin, Dr Charles Insect population genetics and molecular evolution
Robinson, A/Prof Andrew Risk analysis in biosecurity / CEBRA
Robinson, Dr Nicholas Aquaculture genetics
Roessner, Prof Ute Plant biochemistry
Rumpff, Dr Libby Structured decision-making
Strain, Dr Elisabeth Marine ecology
Stuart-Fox, A/Prof Devi Animal behaviour and evolution
Swearer, Prof Steve Ecology and evolution of fishes / CAPIM
van Gelder, A/Prof Tim Analytical
van Oppen, Prof Madeleine Microbial symbiosis and bioengineering in corals
Verbruggan, Dr Heroen Algal biology and evolution
Vesk, A/Prof Peter Vegetation ecology and management / CEED
Wintle, Prof Brendan Conservation ecology / CEED
Woodrow, Prof Ian Plant physiology