Dr Berin Boughton

Research interests

Spatial metabolomics and proteomics

Spatial metabolomics and proteomics applied to plant, animal and insect systems using mass spectrometry imaging (MSI).

  • Mass spectrometry imaging
  • Eco-metabolomics
  • Plant defence and adaptation
  • Host-parasite interactions
  • Endometriosis

Research projects

  • MSI Instrument and Method Development: Methods to spatially resolve isomers in living systems using UV photo dissociation gas phase chemistry, Development of high spatial resolution metabolite imaging using transmission geometry MALDI-MSI
  • How does salt, drought and cold affect the expression and spatial distribution of proteins in cereal crops? (With Prof Ute Roessner)
  • How does malaria affect metabolism during early life stages in the mosquito vector? (With Dr Dean Goodman and Prof Geoff McFadden)
  • How does Industrial Hemp respond to fungal infection and can we prime the plant defence system to resist infection? (With Dr Rob Walker)
  • What is the localised metabolic and proteomic profile of endometriosis? (With Dr Sarah Holdsworth-Carson)

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