Prof. Stephen Leslie

Research interests

Statistical Genetics/Genomics

Statistical and population genetics

  • Detecting and controlling for population structure
  • Demographic inference
  • Indigenous genomics
  • Association studies
  • Imputation of complex genetic variation (particularly HLA, KIR and other immune-associated loci
  • Immunogenetics
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Tree-sequences: efficient data structures for genetic data and statistical inference on these structures
  • Statistical methods development


  • Methods for single cell -omics analyses
  • Assembly of long-read data
  • Detecting structural variation
  • Bioinformatic methods development

Research projects

  • Given the cross-disciplinary nature of the work in the research group, and the requirement for strong computational and statistical skills (or willingness to learn such skills), research projects will be tailored to the background and skills of the individual student, but will fall within one or more of the research interest areas listed above.

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