Prof. Ute Roessner

Research interests

Abiotic stress adaptation and tolerance

  • Cereal crops
  • Functional genomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Analytical biochemistry
  • Root functions
  • Water use efficiency
  • Nutrient use efficiency

Research projects

  • Define the molecular basis of Root-Soil-Microbe interactions
  • Define the biochemical basis of signalling networks between roots and shoots

    Can biostimulants be used to enhance the root development of horticulture crops for improved nutrient use and product quality?

    Plant root systems control the resources supplied to shoots and harvested products. This project will test if novel biostimulants directly change the fine root architecture of hemp, such that nutrient use efficiency and shoot biomass and quality are improved. Two growth systems will be combined with non-invasive root imaging and ion uptake measurements to provide proof of value of novel biostimulants for sustainable horticulture production.

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