Derwentia derwentiana

Common name: Derwent Speedwell

Family: Scrophulariaceae

Grimwade sheet number: 123

Original identification: Veronica Derwentiana

Distribution (from Flora of Victoria): Subsp. derwentiana: Vic. WAN, GR, MID VOLC, OTPL, OTRA, EHL, GPL, GHL, PROM, SNOW, EG - also SA, Qld, NSW, Tas..

Widespread in moist forests from foothills to subalps.

Subsp. maideniana: Vic. MID, SNOW, EG (JRSVW) - also NSW.

Confined to subalpine areas, on rocky slopes, in grassland, herbfield and eucalypt woodland. In Victoria recorded from Mt Buangor, Snowy Range, Mt Buller, Mt Buffalo, Mt Hotham, Bogong High Plains and Wulgulmerang areas, but apparent intermediates between this and subsp. derwentiana are common in upper subalpine areas.

Flowering time: September - February (Subsp. derwentiana) and December - January (Subsp. maideniana)


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