Ranunculus x ligulatus

Family: Ranunculaceae

Grimwade sheet number: 111

Original identification: Ranunculus hirtus

The name R. x ligulatus probably refers to the hybrid combination R. graniticola x R. millanii. The distribution of these hybrids is not recorded in Flora of Victoria, but the distributions of the putative parent species are given as follows.

Ranunculus graniticola: Vic, SNOW (RSVW) - also NSW. Locally common in herbfield, grassland and Snow-gum woodland communities almost throughout the alps, but apparently absent from the Baw Baws, and relatively uncommon on the Bogong High Plains (where largely replaced by R. victoriensis).

Ranunculus millanii: Vic, SNOW (RSVW) - also NSW. Scattered and not uncommon throughout the alps, but virtually restricted to shallow pools and depressions prone to inundation.

Flowering Time: October - January (R. graniticola)    November - February (R. millanii)


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