Entomology and biosecurity

Insects and other small invertebrates make up the bulk of animal biodiversity and are critical to life. They pollinate crops, break down detritus, provide food for birds, fish and other animals, and improve soil structure. On the other hand, they also transmit diseases and damage plants. Masters projects in this area consider both beneficial and harmful insects in Australian ecosystems, and how to keep out unwanted invertebrates (biosecurity).


Ary Hoffmann

Pest and environmental adaptation

Andrew Weeks

Conservation biology

James Maino

Insect spatial ecology

Melissa Carew

Freshwater biological monitoring

Michael Kearney

Physiological ecology, climate change responses, metabolic ecology, insect conservation, grasshopper biology

Nina Wedell

Evolutionary biology

Phil Batterham

Neurogenetics, behaviour and systems biology in insects

Simon Baxter

Applied insect genetics

Joshua Thia

Population genomics, evolutionary biology, and applied science

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