Conservation and climate change

The Conservation and Climate Change Group applies ecological and evolutionary principles to the field of wildlife, conservation and applied biology across a wide range of land animals (including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, a wide range of invertebrates, and some plant groups). Particular interests include the management of native and invasive species; habitat use and ecology of mammals and reptiles; first-principles modelling of individual, population, and evolutionary dynamics; application of genomic techniques to biodiversity management; and terrestrial animals as bioindicators of environmental disturbance.


Melissa Carew

Freshwater biological monitoring

Rob Day

Marine ecology, aquaculture, fisheries, climate change effects on marine animals

Alex Fournier-Level

Adaptive evolution

Ary Hoffmann

Pest and environmental adaptation

Michael Kearney

Ecology and evolution

John Morrongiello

Marine and freshwater ecology

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